Adnan Mosallaie born in 1969.  He entered the field of art with a bachelor's degree in Graphics from the University of Art.

He continued his post graduate studies in the fields of management and Advertising.

In addition of holding specialized seminars and workshops, designing logos, posters, and executed affairs. He began serious painting with an interest in watercolors and continued to paint his ideas with oil and canvas, so far the result of these activities has been establishment of two solo exhibitions in Iran and many  exhibitions in Iran, Europe and Asia. He participation in more than 24 group exhibition, which three of them curated by him.

From the beginning, he has depicted his personal and social concerns by expressing modern and contemporary concepts and symbols, and communicates with his audience by presenting them. His artworks  can be called surrealistic, and for this reason, every viewer can have own personalimpressions of these artworks in addition to receiving the main message.

His paintings can be considered as a long visual poem that can be read and seen and enjoyed over and over again.

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